Our Projects

Nassau Queens PPS has selected 11 projects from a DSRIP-approved list organized by three domains. These domains, System Transformation, Clinical Improvement, and Population-wide Projects, represent the broad areas within which health care transformation is envisioned.

The projects we have selected vary widely, from population-wide projects such as reducing tobacco use, to system transformation projects such as creating an integrated delivery system. However, all of them will require a new way of thinking.

We’ll need to work together to achieve the integration and management of our projects, but we'll also need to follow specific reporting requirements to document their progress. The more evidence-based success we can demonstrate, the more remuneration we will receive.

The effective and timely implementation of these projects is vital to our long-term success as providers. Health care is moving from "fee for service" in the direction of “value-based payment." By recognizing and adapting to this change, we’ll play an enhanced and rewarding role in improving the health of our community.